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The small village of Porlock lies nestling amongst the hills of north Exmoor, on the edge of a salt marsh separating the hills from the Bristol Channel. Porlock itself is low-lying, but a steep climb up from the village in any direction will reveal spectacular views of the Bristol Channel and the South Wales coast beyond. There have been human settlements at Porlock for thousands of years. Stone Age remains have been found in the area. The village remains a vibrant local centre with numerous pubs and restaurants where you can sample local fayre.

Porlock Bay (http://www.porlock.co.uk/)

Porlock is a beautiful Somerset village - enclosed on three sides by the steeply rising hills of Exmoor, with glorious views across the Bristol Channel to Wales in the North.

The village has a lively community. There are plenty of interesting shops, cafes and pubs to visit - there is also an excellent tourist information centre. Throughout the year there is always something going on in Porlock, be it an arts festival, fete or the annual carnival and visitors will always discover something interesting to do whenever they choose to stay.

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Porlock is renowned for it's infamous hill, which has a 1 in 4 gradient and was first ascended by car in 1900 for a bet. Although most modern cars have no trouble with the climb, the hill can be avoided by taking the scenic toll road which ambles in a more gentle direction and offers breathtaking views over the bay.

The village has several literary connections. It is mentioned throughout RD Blackmore's book, Lorna Doone. Wordsworth and Coleridge were also known to be frequent visitors to Porlock. Coleridge wrote the famous poem Kubla Khan whilst staying on a farm just outside of the village.

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